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About Us

     Eric White opened Red Beard Motor Co. LLC. in 2017 (and yes he has a wicked cool red beard). He saw that the buy here pay here car lots in Oklahoma all had one thing in common, high interest rates! Eric and his wife drove around one day checking out local buy here pay here lots in Tulsa. What he discovered was that people are putting $500 to $1,500 down on a vehicle. Then they are paying upwards of $100 per week with super high interest rates for 3+ years! 

      Eric started doing his research the next day. There was a way for people to put the same amount of money down on a vehicle and have it paid off with in months. The philosophy behind this business model is quite simple, don't take advantage of people! We want to change the way you think about buy here pay here dealerships!

      We give our customers a light at the end of the tunnel! We set up a payment plan to have your vehicle paid off in MONTHS not years!!

     At Red Beard Motor Company we offer our customers

*0% interest rates*

*No Credit Checks*

*No Dealer Fees*

*Low Down Payments*


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